Things You Should Know About Valve


Gaming industry is one field which a good number of smart techies have ventured and tried to leave a mark there. While there are those who have succeeded and even left remarkable impact in the field, other have failed terribly and even exited the industry because of one reason or another. In short it is a field where the adage ‘survival for the fittest’ has to be respected. one of the companies that has been in the game development industry and performed exemplary well in Valve. Not only has it been in the gaming industry but it has also managed to create a niche for itself which many other companies can only admire.

Valve prides itself of having a team of highly motivated and talented members who are always ready to cross the boundaries so as to get the best products to the market. To them failure is a stepping stone to success so they will create create anything without fearing whether product will be a fail to meet the needs of a target user. The company which came into inception in the year 1996 has used this approach to soar to greater heights. It has created games which have scooped several awards and has also developed cutting edge technologies which have had huge impact in the general society. You can see that many companies such as Overwatch Boost have made a living from Valve.

Gaming world

One of the areas which Valve has created a huge impact is the gaming world. The company has developed a good number of electronic games which have been major hits in the whole world. Half-Life was the first the game that was developed by the company and it has managed to scoop over 50 game of the Year Award in addition to collecting several other awards. Other games and sequels that have been created by Valve include Half-Life 2 which has two episodes, Team Fortress, Counter-Strike and two puzzle games PortalTM and Portal 2 which have also won several awards.

Social Entertainment Platform

Valve ventured into social entertainment platform by coming up with a state -of art product, Steam. Steam which was aimed at serving Valve’s franchise games expanded its functionalities and user base to a wider scope. Currently it enables one to access more than 1800 game titles. In addition to that, Steam connects more than 35 million users to each other and also to the company enabling them to have better experience with different games. Steam also enables users to share, modify, play and to build communities relating not only to Valve products but also to independent games studios. The platform is available in 237 countries and in 21 languages.

Source Technology

Valve does not stop at creating and developing games only. It spreads its wings to developing and advancing other technologies that are directly related to the gaming industry. The company has its own high-end game engine, Source. This is a highly sophisticated technology that is used for advanced character animation and development of Artificial Intelligence using real world physics. The system uses shader-based rendering technology which has enabled Valve to create good-looking games that can be desired. Currently source is one of the most powerful game development environment in the world.