How to Draw More Audience Into Your Live Streaming Channel


If you are good at speaking in front of many people, you must’ve considered live streaming. However, to become a good host, there are several factors that you should consider first and these factors will help you to catch the attention of your audience. It’s normal to commit some rookie mistakes in the beginning, but as you continue to progress, you’ll notice that you are getting more and more audiences as time passes by. Developing a strong audience building skills is a matter of trial and error, but over the time, you can achieve the perfection for your live streaming channel. So, are you ready? Here are some tips that you should always keep in mind:

Spark a conversation with newbies

Live streaming will eventually connect you to a social circle, but you need to stand above the crowd so that the others can notice your online presence and follow you. It will depend on how you handle your live streaming channel, though. But it is highly advisable that you engage in a conversation with the newbies or for those who haven’t take a look at your stream because creating a conversation that breaks the ice will make your visitors feel more comfortable.There are some on-topic questions that you could ask, and if you feel that the shyness had left your visitor, you could now engage in a real conversation, especially that the two of you shares the same interest.

Provide options to reach you

You know too well that you can’t have your camera in front of you anytime of the day,but if your followers are persistent about having to connect with you, it might be a good idea to mention some options to reach you aside from your live streaming channel. In that way, you’ll be able to maintain the communication between the two of you even if you are not online.

One of the most popular social media sites to use is the Twitter. The communication there is usually brief, and you don’t have to reply lengthy messages. You could also use your Facebook account, too.

Welcome back viewers

If you tend to recognize your viewers who keep on coming back, they will eventually like you because there is nothing much better than being recognized by someone that you like or adore. Make sure that you greet them even though you are only using their screen names to develop a strong sense of community between you and your viewers.

If you had a conversation with a certain viewer, you could also mention the things that he’d said to you. Even if it’s just a tiny detail, it will help you in tearing off the wall between you and your viewers.

Divide your attention accordingly

watch-channel-9-tv-live-streaming-bangladesh-premier-league-2015-bpl-3There are times that you’ll be overwhelmed because there are hundreds of viewers and the questions are thrown here and there, you’ll never know which one to answer first. Make sure that you divide your attention properly. Get to know each other and start talking to them slowly. For those who wanted your attention, you could remind them that there’s still something that you are doing and when you talk to them, make sure that you answer all of their questions and try to be cheerful as much as possible.

Get rid of trolls

Of course, there are always some jerks around who will try to get into your nerves. Just handle them properly by blocking them so that you will not have to deal with their trolls. The last thing that you wanted to experience is being surrounded by a toxic community that you are most passionate about.