Things You Should Know About Valve


Gaming industry is one field which a good number of smart techies have ventured and tried to leave a mark there. While there are those who have succeeded and even left remarkable impact in the field, other have failed terribly and even exited the industry because of one reason or another. In short it is a field where the adage ‘survival for the fittest’ has to be respected. one of the companies that has been in the game development industry and performed exemplary well in Valve. Not only has it been in the gaming industry but it has also managed to create a niche for itself which many other companies can only admire.

Valve prides itself of having a team of highly motivated and talented members who are always ready to cross the boundaries so as to get the best products to the market. To them failure is a stepping stone to success so they will create create anything without fearing whether product will be a fail to meet the needs of a target user. The company which came into inception in the year 1996 has used this approach to soar to greater heights. It has created games which have scooped several awards and has also developed cutting edge technologies which have had huge impact in the general society. You can see that many companies such as Overwatch Boost have made a living from Valve.

Gaming world

One of the areas which Valve has created a huge impact is the gaming world. The company has developed a good number of electronic games which have been major hits in the whole world. Half-Life was the first the game that was developed by the company and it has managed to scoop over 50 game of the Year Award in addition to collecting several other awards. Other games and sequels that have been created by Valve include Half-Life 2 which has two episodes, Team Fortress, Counter-Strike and two puzzle games PortalTM and Portal 2 which have also won several awards.

Social Entertainment Platform

Valve ventured into social entertainment platform by coming up with a state -of art product, Steam. Steam which was aimed at serving Valve’s franchise games expanded its functionalities and user base to a wider scope. Currently it enables one to access more than 1800 game titles. In addition to that, Steam connects more than 35 million users to each other and also to the company enabling them to have better experience with different games. Steam also enables users to share, modify, play and to build communities relating not only to Valve products but also to independent games studios. The platform is available in 237 countries and in 21 languages.

Source Technology

Valve does not stop at creating and developing games only. It spreads its wings to developing and advancing other technologies that are directly related to the gaming industry. The company has its own high-end game engine, Source. This is a highly sophisticated technology that is used for advanced character animation and development of Artificial Intelligence using real world physics. The system uses shader-based rendering technology which has enabled Valve to create good-looking games that can be desired. Currently source is one of the most powerful game development environment in the world.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About League of Legends  

League of Legends is currently one of the world’s most videos. Along with more than 100 million players worldwide, those players spend more than 1 billion hours playing League of Legends every month. Those statistics are only growing since more people continue to learn about this global phenomenon and want to become a part of it. However, there are also those who are skeptical and have quite a few questions about League of Legends.

Why Is League of Legends So Popular?

Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, is responsible for ensuring that their games remains popular. They constantly stay in touch with the gaming community to gain feedback and input on how to further improve League of Legends. Riot Games remains dedicated to both its fans and the game.

What Is So Special About League of Legends?

League of Legends is a social game, and more than often, playing it requires a considerable amount of teamwork. A total of 5 players can play the game together as a team. This is one the reasons behind the popularity of this game and why players enjoy playing it so much. League of Legends is among the games meeting the rising demand for competitive and enjoyable multiplayer games. Live streaming through websites like Twitch TV has also contributed to this game’s popularity.

How Is League of Legends Played?

There are a total of 121 champions in League of Legends that players get to choose from and play as. Teams of up to 5 players battle against each other with the goal of destroying the other team’s Nexus, which tends to be their base structure. There always three lanes dividing a playing map, each with an inhibitor and three turrets. Before being able to attack the other team’s Nexus, players have to destroy all three turrets in whichever lane they have chosen.

Each team also gets its own AI controlled minions and neutral monsters also appear near the jungle paths in each lane. Players can gain experience and gold by killing the other team’s champions and minions. The champions automatically level up once a specific amount of experience has been gained and players receive a point that they may spend to improve one of their champion’s abilities. All champions have four abilities. The highest level that a player’s champion may reach is the 18th level.

To effectively maneuver around minions and turrets, players must have knowledge of their behavior and know what to expect when they are near them. Players, especially beginners, often get killed by turrets because they simply do not prioritize targeting them.

Each of the three lanes has a predefined route through which minions move. Whenever one team is being attacked by the other, the minions and turrets move to help their respective team. Turrets focus more on helping out the champions than the minions of their team. Even minions attacking the other team will be targeted by that team’s turrets.

Can Anyone Attend League of Legends Events?

Indeed, it is not necessary for a person to have experience playing League of Legends in order to attend an event, much like any sports game. In fact, just by attending a League of Legends event, many people develop an interest in the game and begin playing it themselves.

How to Draw More Audience Into Your Live Streaming Channel


If you are good at speaking in front of many people, you must’ve considered live streaming. However, to become a good host, there are several factors that you should consider first and these factors will help you to catch the attention of your audience. It’s normal to commit some rookie mistakes in the beginning, but as you continue to progress, you’ll notice that you are getting more and more audiences as time passes by. Developing a strong audience building skills is a matter of trial and error, but over the time, you can achieve the perfection for your live streaming channel. So, are you ready? Here are some tips that you should always keep in mind:

Spark a conversation with newbies

Live streaming will eventually connect you to a social circle, but you need to stand above the crowd so that the others can notice your online presence and follow you. It will depend on how you handle your live streaming channel, though. But it is highly advisable that you engage in a conversation with the newbies or for those who haven’t take a look at your stream because creating a conversation that breaks the ice will make your visitors feel more comfortable.There are some on-topic questions that you could ask, and if you feel that the shyness had left your visitor, you could now engage in a real conversation, especially that the two of you shares the same interest.

Provide options to reach you

You know too well that you can’t have your camera in front of you anytime of the day,but if your followers are persistent about having to connect with you, it might be a good idea to mention some options to reach you aside from your live streaming channel. In that way, you’ll be able to maintain the communication between the two of you even if you are not online.

One of the most popular social media sites to use is the Twitter. The communication there is usually brief, and you don’t have to reply lengthy messages. You could also use your Facebook account, too.

Welcome back viewers

If you tend to recognize your viewers who keep on coming back, they will eventually like you because there is nothing much better than being recognized by someone that you like or adore. Make sure that you greet them even though you are only using their screen names to develop a strong sense of community between you and your viewers.

If you had a conversation with a certain viewer, you could also mention the things that he’d said to you. Even if it’s just a tiny detail, it will help you in tearing off the wall between you and your viewers.

Divide your attention accordingly

watch-channel-9-tv-live-streaming-bangladesh-premier-league-2015-bpl-3There are times that you’ll be overwhelmed because there are hundreds of viewers and the questions are thrown here and there, you’ll never know which one to answer first. Make sure that you divide your attention properly. Get to know each other and start talking to them slowly. For those who wanted your attention, you could remind them that there’s still something that you are doing and when you talk to them, make sure that you answer all of their questions and try to be cheerful as much as possible.

Get rid of trolls

Of course, there are always some jerks around who will try to get into your nerves. Just handle them properly by blocking them so that you will not have to deal with their trolls. The last thing that you wanted to experience is being surrounded by a toxic community that you are most passionate about.